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Snoopy Hat by Simon Simple

Vintage Peanuts Snoopy Hat Cap Curse you red Baron Button pin badge 1966 – $92. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Do you think the seller would have raised her price if she knew Twiggy once wore a hat of this design? See the photo on Pinterest. This particular Snoopy Hat by Simon Simple is very strange. I love hats, but I can’t imagine wearing this one! Perhaps I just don’t understand the world of high fashion.

What I do understand is the world of Peanuts collecting. As a hat fancier, I also keep a close eye on the world of Peanuts novelty hats. Simon Simple has some of the oddest of the bunch. I have two of these same hats, each with a different pin-back button. The hats were first produced in 1970. All the pinback buttons I’ve seen on this particular hat have a Flying Ace theme to them. As the seller points out, it’s harder to find these with the pinback button. However, it’s also easy to replace the pinback button since they were available separately. While having the original is nice, it doesn’t make or break the piece in most cases unless the pinback button was unique to that particular piece. Replacement of the pinback would be around $5-15.

Like most old things, the whiteness of this hat has faded to yellow over time. One reason I shy away from paying too much for white items is the inevitable yellowing. Unfortunately, the yellowing probably can’t be removed with cleaning and not affecting the black felt pieces. One other condition consideration with items that have pinback buttons is rust. The pinbacks buttons can leave indelible spots where the pin leaves a rusty stain. When possible, I remove the pinback and store it with the item in a small zippered bag to prevent possible future damage.

The two Snoopy Hats by Simon Simple I bought totaled $38. I was able to get a deal since they were from the same seller. I could see paying around $20-$40 for this hat depending on condition and completeness. It was worn by Twiggy after all!

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