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Peanuts Bed Sheets

Vintage 1970 Peanuts Schultz Charlie Brown Flat Twin Sheet 3 Pc Set Sears – $175. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

I have a bit of a problem with how these Peanuts bed sheets are being sold. At first, I thought they were a rare set of double or queen size vintage Peanuts sheets based on the photo. I don’t even know if that exists! Anyway, this is just a normal twin set of Peanuts bed sheets, so don’t hit buy just yet.

The other problem with these Peanuts bed sheets, it’s not even a complete set! For $175, I better be getting the whole package! The original set would have come with a fitted sheet. Flat sheets are generally easier to find because some people probably never bothered with them, leaving them in a drawer. Plus, flat sheets don’t get the wear and tear of fitted sheets.

The secondary market prices for sheets has skyrocketed. Part of the problem is crafters. They like to cut old sheets up for up-cycle projects. I think up-cycling is great for things that aren’t collectible anymore, but think twice about destroying something that is still useful in its original condition. The other market factor is the lack of new Peanuts bed sheet options on the market for fans who do want to use them as intended. While you won’t generally find them in your local stores, I do know where you can get new Peanuts bedding in all the sizes online.

If you keep your eyes open, you can still find decent Peanuts bed sheets and pillowcases at thrift stores, flea markets and antique stores. I like to pay under $20-25 for a set of used sheets. Even if they’re mint in the original package, I wouldn’t go crazy paying high prices. One of the joys of vintage sheets is displaying them and no one wants to open that old packaging!

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