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“Good Grief” Charlie Brown Mug


Rare? Vintage? Old? Good Grief! I remember buying this Charlie Brown mug around ten years ago. Not Old. Not Vintage. Rare? There’s plenty out there of this Charlie Brown mug if it strikes your fancy. A search for Charlie Brown Mug turned up a few in just the first page of results.

The reason I remember this Charlie Brown mug was it was CHEAP. I bought a bunch for my shop for a dollar a piece, then resold them for $5-10 a piece or something. I don’t recall the exact price, but I didn’t want to invest a lot into them. People wanted mugs, I gave them mugs, with a bit of a crazy mark-up. However, these were barely good enough for $1, much less $10, $30 + shipping is just pushing it! The mug are cheaply made with lots of production flaws. This one looks pretty decent, but who knows how well these mugs would last if you used them.

What’s the tip-off this Charlie Brown mug isn’t worth $30? The basic design. It’s printed only on one side. It’s a white mug, nothing fancy about it. Finally, there’s a smiling, happy Charlie Brown with “Good Grief” under it. That makes no sense to pair together. Have a frowning Charlie Brown with “Good Grief”. If you want a happy Charlie Brown, there are plenty of Peanuts sayings you could pair up with Charlie Brown. Finally, the brand “Innovative Designs, LLC” is so generic and doesn’t describe what they did with this particular item. If anyone wants to hire me to pair up stock images and Peanuts quotes, drop me an email at

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