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Peanuts Singing & Dancing

Come on and dance around with Snoopy and Charlie Brown! Join in the fun with the Peanuts singing and dancing collectibles available in our shop.

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Snoopy’s Wardrobe – Snoopy’s Hawaiian Outfit

Aloha! Each month, Snoopy and friends will be selecting a new outfit to model for his favorite fans. Watch the video and enjoy the surprise.

Finding the next home for your Peanuts Treasures

You can’t take your Peanuts Treasures with you. Consider what’s best for your Snoopy and Charlie Brown memorabilia when estate planning.

Peanuts Find of the Week

Aviva Snoopy Playland

The Proto Camp Snoopy! Here’s an interesting find of a Aviva Snoopy Playland. Find out more about this vintage Peanuts collectible in our “Find of the Week”.

Snoopy Sanity Checks

Santa Snoopy Blow-Mold

Big Nose! This Santa Snoopy Blow-Mold are listed on eBay for $217. How much would a collector REALLY pay for it? Find out at

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Peanuts Graduation Party

Celebrate your Grad! Throw a Peanuts Graduation party featuring t-shirts, gifts, party supplies and more.

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August 2016 Peanuts Collection Showcase

Everything from A to Z! Check out the latest monograms, comics, footwear, planters, and toy cars added to our online Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peanuts Collection.