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Snoopy Christmas Tree Ornaments

There’s always room for one more Snoopy Christmas Tree Ornament! Find your new favorite in our selection of vintage Peanuts ornaments in our shop.

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Snoopy Etc. Catalog – Christmas 2001

Bask in the glorious days of the Snoopy Etc. Catalog from Christmas 2001. Enjoy our video of this memorable collection of Peanuts collectibles.

We’re moving, Charlie Brown!

My 1,000,000 Snoopys and I are moving to the country! Save during our Peanuts Moving Sale with 15% Off your order of $30 or more. Get your code and start shopping.

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3-D Snoopy Halloween Costume Mask

Spooky Snoopy! Here’s an interesting find of a 3-D Snoopy Halloween Costume Mask. Find out more about this vintage Peanuts item in our “Find of the Week”.

Snoopy Sanity Checks

Peanuts Outdoor Sign

Need a project? This Peanuts Outdoor Sign is listed on eBay for $68. How much would a collector REALLY pay for it? Find out at

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For the Love of Charles Schulz

Grow your love of Charles Schulz with a variety of biography, history and story books. Add to your library with the latest Peanuts tribute and past favorites in our reading list.

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August 2016 Peanuts Collection Showcase

Everything from A to Z! Check out the latest monograms, comics, footwear, planters, and toy cars added to our online Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peanuts Collection.