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Snoopy’s Good, Clean Winter Fun

Let’s declare a snow day! Snoopy’s good, clean winter fun is starting in our shop with vintage Avon bubble bath and more.

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Yes, Santa, there is a Charlie Brown – Peanuts Christmas Book

Making a list, checking it twice! Enjoy the classic Peanuts Christmas book “Yes, Santa, there is a Charlie Brown” with Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Build-a-Bear Snoopy for 2019

Snoopy and Woodstock return to Build-a-Bear! Personalize your Snoopy with outfits, sounds and scents. Plus, see how Snoopy changed for his third appearance.

Peanuts Find of the Week

3-D Snoopy Halloween Costume Mask

Spooky Snoopy! Here’s an interesting find of a 3-D Snoopy Halloween Costume Mask. Find out more about this vintage Peanuts item in our “Find of the Week”.

Snoopy Sanity Checks

Peanuts Outdoor Sign

Need a project? This Peanuts Outdoor Sign is listed on eBay for $68. How much would a collector REALLY pay for it? Find out at

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Peanuts Christmas Sweaters, Shirts and More

Are your Peanuts Christmas sweaters still hidden at the back of your closet? Refresh your holiday wardrobe with Snoopy Christmas shirts, socks, sweaters and more!

Collection Additions

August 2016 Peanuts Collection Showcase

Everything from A to Z! Check out the latest monograms, comics, footwear, planters, and toy cars added to our online Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peanuts Collection.