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Most Common Questions

The item is part of our personal collection and not for sale. Please visit our For Sale section.
Vintage items and items no longer being manufactured can be difficult to find. Due to overwhelming demand, I am not able to track down items on an individual basis. Please refer to our Buying Snoopy Stuff FAQ.
You can now hire me to value your Peanuts collectibles. Find out more information on the Appraisals page.
Please visit our Selling Your Snoopy Stuff FAQ for our policies and requirements on buying items.
If you bought it at the store, then feel free to reach out using the form below. If you bought it new at any other store, then I am NOT the manufacturer. Please contact the store you bought it from or the manufacturer. does not sell wholesale. We do not manufacturer our products. We have no supplier. We are not a supplier to other businesses. Feel free to buy items through the shop since we are a normal, run-of-the-mill online store selling mostly old, used, vintage Peanuts memorabilia. 

I have no legal rights to the Peanuts characters for licensing or commercial reproduction. Please contact Peanuts Worldwide for more information.

I do own the copyright to the original works (words, images, videos, etc.) created through this website and my social media channels except where noted. Please do not use them without permission or giving credit back to this website.


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