Hallmark – More than just Greeting Cards and Ornaments!

Hallmark started producing Peanuts licensed items in the mid 1960’s. Their Peanuts line-up includes all sorts of products for making someone’s day from party supplies and favors, to gifts and decor, to greeting cards and giftwrap. Many products are seasonal, holiday and occasion based. The Peanuts items were also used on many in-store promotional items that can be harder to come by. Hallmark is still continuing to produce great Peanuts memorabilia that is easily found in Hallmark stores and gift stores across the United States.

The annual Hallmark Christmas ornaments are a favorite with collectors. The fine details and fun designs make them a great addition to any Christmas tree. The first Peanuts ornaments came out in the late 1970’s and still continue to be re-licensed today. Hallmark Ornament specialized collectors are very picky about the condition of their ornaments and boxes. The Ornaments are not meant for handling and are only used for about a month. Therefore, they should be bought in like new condition when possible, with few exceptions.

Hallmark Samples:

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