Need a value estimate of your Peanuts memorabilia in today’s market? Now available on*, you can hire me to appraise your Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peanuts collectibles. As a 30+ year veteran collector and 15+ year dealer, you can be sure to get a fair valuation of the true worth of your item. If your item isn’t worth the price of the appraisal, I will cancel the appraisal and your money will be refunded. Find out more details here:*

Why don’t I just tell you how much an item is worth? There’s more to knowing about an item than an arbitrary number after a dollar sign. Knowing what you have is a major part of the value. Judging how much an item is worth in today’s market is all about research. Research takes time. Thousands upon thousands of Peanuts products have been manufactured over the last 65+ years. Collector’s guides only cover the first forty years of collectibles and are out of date for true market prices. Giving a number off the top of my head could be under-valuing or over-valuing your item. That’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to me when your item doesn’t realize its true value and you hold me accountable. If it’s worth knowing about, then it’s worth giving me a “cup of coffee” for the time I spend on research. If you’d prefer to do your own research, start with our Peanuts Collecting 101 article series. Thanks!

Sample Appraisal from Fiverr

Note: User submitted photos of his 3 banks for appraisal, as shown.

“The banks you have were made for the Japanese market in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. They’re not uncommon to find in the United States though, since there was a lot of interest in collecting Peanuts, especially Japanese items. Lucy is worth about $30-40 mint in the box. The box you have her photographed with is not her original box. It would have had graphics with the Peanuts characters playing musical instruments, red ink on a white box. Snoopy and Woodstock is worth about $35-50 mint in the box. Charlie Brown depends on his size. He was made in 1989 by Determined Productions. If he is the 8.5″ size, then he’s worth around $45-60, the smaller size being worth about $30-40, both mint in the box.”

Doing your own Research?

If you have a lot of items to value, you’ll need Worthpoint*! You’ll have real selling prices of vintage and new Peanuts memorabilia going back over ten years. I find it invaluable when doing research for my own collection. With real data, you’ll know just how to price your item for today’s market and not worry about under- or over-pricing your treasured collectibles. Sign up for a Worthpoint subscription* today!

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