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Most Common Questions

The item is part of our personal collection and not for sale. Please visit our For Sale section.
Vintage items and items no longer being manufactured can be difficult to find. Due to overwhelming demand, I am not able to track down items on an individual basis. Please refer to our Buying Snoopy Stuff FAQ.

Need an appraisal? You can hire me for a modest fee to give you guidance on the value and history of your Peanuts collectibles. Learn more…

You can also consult a Peanuts Collector guide book. Please note, eBay does not give a reliable measure of the value or rarity of an item.

Please visit our Selling Your Snoopy Stuff FAQ for our policies and requirements on buying items.

Shop Policies & Ordering Process

Please visit our Shopping Cart page for information on our shop policies and ordering process.

Product Questions

Some items are part of our personal collection and not for sale. If there is no price, condition details, etc., then it’s not for sale. Please visit our For Sale section.
No, this is a small, home-based business selling mainly individual pieces and a printed-catalog would be quickly out of date.
No, please do not eat or chew on any of the collectibles. I will not be held responsible for any damages that occur from eating the collectibles, using the collectible for eating from, making food with the collectible, chewing on the collectible or ingesting the collectible. In-package baby & dog toys should be safe, but you use them at your own risk and under adult supervision. Non-packaged baby and dog toys were acquired as is and I therefore have no idea where they’ve been. If you choose to use them, I suggest thoroughly cleaning them before use, but I still take no responsibility for the collectibles used in this manner.
All items are kept in a dry, dark, smoke-free environment. Therefore they should not fade, mold, or smell. Any damage occurring from these conditions are described on the product page.
Please refer to our Image Use page for more information on copyrights and image usage.

Condition Guide

MIB – Mint in Box – Product is in Mint condition and includes original box.

IB – In Box – Product is not in Mint condition, but includes original box.

MIP – Mint in Package – Product is in original packaging.

MOC – Mint on Card – Product is on its original card.

MINT – Product is in new condition. May show some minor handling signs, but nothing to detract from value.

EXCELLENT – has some wear or signs of use, but nothing major.

VERY GOOD – shows evidence of wear clearly, but still a nice looking piece.

GOOD – obvious wear from time and handling. Good as a filler piece, or the less picky collector.

FAIR – cracks, chips, folds or bends detract from the value and the display quality.

POOR – good for spare parts, restoration, or everyday usage. A non-collectible piece.

Collecting Peanuts Tips

Check out our in depth guides in our Peanuts Collecting 101 articles.

Before buying an expensive item, it’s always a good item to know what it is worth. A good place to start are collector’s books. Click here for a listing of Peanuts Collectors Books.

It’s a good idea not to run out and buy collectibles without knowing what’s common. Examples of items you’ll see at EVERY flea market, antique mall, etc: Snoopy on a doghouse Chex banks, Camp Snoopy Glasses, Fawcett Crest books. Just because they’re common, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them, just buy them at a reasonable price.

For in-depth info on this subject, please visit our Buying Snoopy Stuff FAQ.

When I first see a collectible I may want to purchase, I don’t look at the price. First, I decide how much I would want to pay for the item. Then, I look at the price. If it’s within the acceptable range, I purchase it. If not, it’s time to talk to the seller.

Don’t be afraid of asking for a discount. Antique stores will sometimes give discounts for items over $10. If the price isn’t already a bargain at flea market or garage sale, consider talking to the vendor/owner. Suggest a price a little lower than you want to pay, but don’t be too unreasonable. Let the vendor talk you up to your price. If you’re buying multiple items, a vendor will be more interested in making a deal with you.

If you’re looking for a specific comic and want the book it is published in, visit There you’ll find all the info on books and finding specific comics you need.

Peanuts items all have copyright dates of the year the characters were first in publication printed on them. Charlie Brown was first published in 1950, therefore everything with Charlie Brown on it will have that copyright date. Don’t let a dealer try and sell you something “old” just because of a copyright date. Read more on this topic in Peanuts Collecting 101.

Specialize. There are tons of collectibles out there – do you really want to own everything ever made with the Peanuts gang on it? Probably not. I suggest stick with one character: Snoopy, Woodstock, Pigpen, etc. Collect only a certain type of product: Avon bottles, books, Stuffed Animals, etc. Not only does it narrow your search, but it will save you money for the extra special collectible you just happen across.

The passing of Charles M. Schulz, in my opinion, has not raised the prices of the run-of-the-mill collectibles. There are still the same amount of collectibles out there plus all the new collectibles being mass produced at the moment. The only area this effects is Charles M. Schulz originals or signed pieces. They are unique and can no longer be produced, making them more valuable to collectors. Watch out for fakes!

Selling Peanuts

Please visit our Selling Your Snoopy Stuff page for information.

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