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Dolly Madison, Butternut, Weber’s, Mrs. Karl’s, Millbrook and other brands were all part of Interstate Brands. The Peanuts Gang was used to advertise their many products through the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. From billboards, to commercials, to packaging, to promotional freebies, the Peanuts Gang was a great way for Interstate Brands to promote its products to children and adults.

Interstate Brands Corporation’s known brands: Dolly Madison, Butternut, Weber’s, Mrs. Karl’s, Millbrook, Sweetheart, Hart’s, Up-side-down, Blue Seal, Blue Ribbon.

Packaging and in-store promotional materials can be difficult to find, especially in mint condition. The promotional “freebies” are usually easier to find since they were widely distributed and made for keeping around. Some items, such as the round patches, were mail-order for a small shipping fee. Other items, such as stickers, were collected by buying many loaves of bread or boxes of snacks in order to get a complete set. Most “freebies” sell for around $1-$10 each depending on condition, rarity and appeal to the collector market.


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