Schmid – Peanuts Musicals, Bells and Plates

Schmid produced collectible plates, bells, musicals and banks from the mid-1970’s through the early 1980’s. For Christmas, Mother’s day and Valentine’s day, Schmid created annual, collectible numbered pieces and included a certificate of authenticity. The musicals have stayed very popular on the after-market, while the enthusiasm for the annual dated bells and plates has waned.

The musicals have retained their collectiblity since they are generally well made, well designed and interesting pieces. Over the years, Schmid made their musicals out of a variety of materials ranging from wood, ceramics and composition. One of the more popular items are the musical banks, both for their cross-collectiblity and their novelty. Putting the coin in starts the music box playing, charming kids to save their pennies. In mint, working and complete condition, these musical banks can fetch around $100-$150 at auction.

Schmid Samples:

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