Where to Buy Vintage Peanuts and Snoopy Books

The love of Snoopy and Charlie Brown starts with the Peanuts comic strips. The wit and humor of Charles Schulz is at its purest form in his crafted comic strips. Many collectors start out by enjoying Peanuts through their newspaper or comic strip paperbacks. Through the years, many of those original cartoon collections have been reprinted time and time again.

Along with comic strips, the Peanuts gang has branched out into kids books, cook books, greeting card books and so much more! The most successful of their books is most certainly “Happiness is a Warm Puppy.” Released in 1962, its simple truths about life never go out of style.

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Through the years, Peanuts comic strip collections have had many publishers. The earliest collections are from Holt, Reinhart, Winston and Fawcett Crest. Topper Books, Ballantine Books and Andrews & McMeel continued the tradition in the 1990’s. The Complete Peanuts by Fantagraphics Books is the definite edition, collecting 50 years of Peanuts comic strips.

Smaller Peanuts gift books were published by Determined Productions, Hallmark and Harper Collins. These books contained a curated sampling of Snoopy and Charlie Brown cartoons on a specific topic. 

For the kids, book versions of all the Peanuts Animated Specials were created to relive holiday favorites like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Peanuts coloring books, encyclopedias, dictionaries and more kept kids both entertained and educated.

Charles Schulz’s life has been written about in a variety of biographies for adults and kids. Plus, Peanuts books are dedicated to analysis by commentators and personal anecdotes by celebrities. For peeks into my Charles Schulz book collection, check out my Peanuts Book-Of-The-Month video series and find photos in the Peanuts Collection Showcase.

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