Peanuts Price Guide Books – Collecting 101

Peanuts Collector Books are handy reference guides and collection trackers.

It’s been a long time since a Peanuts price guide was published. Before the days of the internet, they were a go-to for current pricing trends. With the multitude of online tools for seeing current going rates, it may make you wonder why you’d still want to invest in a pricing guide. The reason: Sanity!

The internet is an imperfect guide. There’s a lot of data to sort through. Bidding wars, misinformation, and overly optimistic sellers can inflate the perceived value of collectibles. Price guides books give a guideline to what was produced in the past, fact-checked information and dates, and a baseline price. Want to know if something is actually rare? Check your price guide! Want to know if there was a box originally with your collectible? Check your price guide!

In addition to great information, price guides can give your collection definition. Flipping through the books will show you the breadth of available collectibles to find. Do you want to buy it all? Or specialize in a specific series, character or product type? Concentrating on what you love ensures you’ll have many years of happy collecting.

Have a large collection or a bad memory? A price guide is a great way to keep track of what you own. My family uses colored dot stickers to indicate which items are in our collection. It’s a great portable reference guide!

There are no easy answers for what an item is worth. Using price guide books along with internet research can give you an informed perspective to buying and selling collectibles. “There’s a sucker born every minute” but you don’t have to be one! For internet research, I recommend using Worthpoint. (affiliate link)

Need the value of just a few Peanuts collectibles? Get a Peanuts appraisal from a 30+ year Peanuts expert.

The Guides

All price guides are a little different. Find the guide that suits you and your collection best. affiliate links are included so you can add them to your collection! You can also check out the shop for our selection of Peanuts collecting guides.

Peanuts: Home Collection–A Collector’s Guide to Identification and Value

by Freddi Margolin

My family uses this guide the most. We bring it along whenever we go hunting. The book features comprehensive photos and information on American-market collectibles.

Peanuts Collectibles Identification and Values Guide

by Andrea Podley with Derrick Bang

A close second to “Peanuts: Home Collection”, this guide has a more global look at the world of Peanuts collectibles. American and Japanese collectibles are the main feature, along with great photos and information on the collectibles.

Official Price Guide to Peanuts Collectibles

by Freddi Margolin and Andrea Podley

The original Peanuts price guide! Though the book contains mostly black and white images, the information about the collectibles is still very comprehensive. Plus, its small size makes it easier to carry around!

The Unauthorized Guide to Snoopy Collectibles: With Values

by Jan Lindenberger

Jan Lindenberger has four Peanuts collector guides she authored. The books feature large photos, along with a quick description and pricing for each item. While very interesting to read, they aren’t as handy of a reference guide as other books.

Peanuts Collectible Ornaments: A Collector’s Guide to Identification

by Thomas Bednarek

I do not have this book in my collection. However, looking at the reviews and the interior pages available on, I would definitely buy this book if I found it at a reasonable price. Though it doesn’t have any pricing, the comprehensive listing of ornaments and information is a gold mine for ornament collectors.

The Wonderful World of Peanuts Musicals

by Pauline C. Graeber

A book for music box and musical collectors! Another book I don’t have in my personal library, but definitely a must have for anyone interested in Peanuts musicals.

General Collecting Guides

For more up-to-date prices or just a different market perspective, try a Non-Peanuts guide. If you specialize in a certain type of collectible, it might be more helpful to acquire a book dedicated to your subject.


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