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Peanuts books are naturally among the first collectibles ever made. The original newspaper strips are collected in books for readers to enjoy again and again. Publishers, such as Holt, Reinhart, Winston and Fawcett Crest, published a wide variety of Peanuts comic strip collections over the years. From there, curated gift books from Hallmark and Determined Productions were created for special occasions featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang.

Once the Peanuts television animated specials grew in popularity, books based on the stories were published. As technology progressed, soon VHS and Beta videotapes and DVDs entered the marketplace allowing fans to view the movies and T.V. shows again and again. Vince Guaraldi’s music complemented the Peanuts specials and soon became a popular addition to a fan’s music library. Don’t miss our guide to finding vintage Peanuts books for your collection. Plus, you can find vintage Peanuts books for sale in our online shop.

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