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Snoopy Illustration by Shultz

Peanuts Movie Jeff Shultz CGC SS Snoopy Red Baron pop art Print no 9.8 – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

A slight twist on the Snoopy Sanity Checks this week. Instead of an outrageous price, it’s more buyer beware. This listing is completely on the up and up. It’s a Jeff Shultz illustrated Snoopy as the Flying Ace. While the seller doesn’t know the difference between the Red Baron and Snoopy actual personality on display, they do know which Shultz made this Snoopy drawing. The drawing is certified by the Certified Guaranty Company. If only Charles Schulz’s work was so easy to identify!

Even if it isn’t by your favorite Schulz, this is a wonderful illustration of Snoopy. The buyer beware here is to be sure which artist you’re buying in future. Jeff Shultz did drawings for the Peanuts Kaboom comic series. His drawings certainly capture the essence of the Peanuts characters perfectly. It would be easy to mistake a Jeff Shultz for a Schulz, so paying attention to the details is important! In future, I can imagine some sellers may overlook the spelling and confuse the two artists. No doubt, they’ll be pricing their originals Snoopy artwork as if it was drawn by Schulz.

How much is a Snoopy Illustration worth?

This is a beautiful piece and worth the $100 to a collector. It’s already authenticated, which adds to the value for some collectors. Jeff Shultz does take commissions for a very reasonable prices. For the budget conscious Peanuts fan, this would be a wonderful way to get a unique drawing to complement your collection. Plus, it would tie into the history of Peanuts and its wonderful comic book series.

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