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Snoopy Switch Plate Cover

SNOOPY & WOODSTOCK Vintage Light Switch Cover Plate 1965 Hand painted Schulz – $255 Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Every Snoopy room needs one of these! It’s those little touches, like this Snoopy Switch Plate Cover, that really bring a Snoopy room together. Some fans might have a hard time finding a Snoopy ceiling fan or light fixture. However, the humble Peanuts switch plate cover is an economical and easy upgrade. There’s a variety of vintage Snoopy switch plates in the second hand market, so finding something special won’t be hard. These 1980’s Monogram switch plates are easy to find.

How much is a Snoopy Switch Plate Cover worth?

Originally, this switch plate would have been vacuum sealed on a heavy card which included two screws. Finding them in this condition will set you back $15-30 depending on condition and rarity. Finding a Pigpen is a prize worth paying for. On the other hand, this dancing Snoopy switch plate cover is fairly common. For putting a switch plate back up on the wall, I prefer out of the package examples. Expect to pay around $8-15, in very good to mint condition, for this special treat.

Buyer beware! There are knock-off Peanuts switch plate covers EVERYWHERE on the market. They’re easy to spot since they’re always basic rectangles. Boring! Save your money for the vintage Peanuts light switch plates with their multi-dimensional goodness!

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