McDonald’s – Snoopy Happy Meal Toys from Around the World

Snoopy’s international appeal has led to him being a favorite subject in McDonald’s Happy Meals around the world. The Peanuts and McDonald’s partnership started in 1983 when Camp Snoopy was opening. McDonald’s released a set of 5 designs on glasses and cups. Read more about the series…

Since then, the Peanuts Gang has spread across the world in various series of Happy Meal toys, promotional products, employee pins and promotional displays. Toys are the easiest items to find since they are mass-produced for a wide audience. Foreign Happy Meal toys are sought after by collectors since they are generally more interesting than their American fast-food counterparts. The Snoopy World Tour series is a favorite for its wide variety of Snoopy dressed in native costumes from countries around the world. Released in 1998 through 1999, there are two series available. Series one was released in Asia and New Zealand, and released again in Europe with the Latin America toy replaced with Argentina, Peru and Venezuela. Series two was released in South-East Asia and New Zealand only. Individually, the toys sell for around $2-5 a piece or $50-$80 for an entire set, depending on condition and completeness. Each toy came in a McDonald’s and Peanuts branded bag. Since a lot of these were saved for the collectors’ market, concentrate on buying mint condition pieces for your collection.

McDonald’s Samples:

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