Finding Vintage Peanuts Collectibles – Collecting 101

Flea Markets are a favorite place of mine to find Peanuts collectibles

The hunt is on! Whether you’re searching for something specific, or just looking for something to add your collection, here’s where to find your Snoopy fix!

Use your feet

My favorite way to find collectibles is the old fashioned way – looking through stores and markets. Though not efficient if you want something specific, it is a lot of fun. You never know what goodies you’ll find, even if they’re not Peanuts related. Buying in person means being able to fully inspect your collectibles before buying. Plus, no shipping fees if you’re close to home!

Antique Stores

Antique stores come in two different flavors: the single owner shop and the antique mall. They both have their advantages for the collector. Google Maps is a great resource for finding shops which can include reviews and street views. Also try to find locations near you.

When you can talk to the owner at their shop, you can get to know the owner or ask questions about items in their shop. Plus, if you want to try and talk the owner down on the price, you can! The single owner shops can be a lot smaller with less variety, but sometimes you can find one that’s specialized to your taste.

Antique malls have the advantage of a lot of items all in one spot. You can spend a few hours just looking at all the treasures. Getting discounts on items might not be possible, but for higher priced items, you can sometimes ask for a discount. Be sure to bring a note pad! It can be helpful if you need to take notes on where items are or what keys you need to get into cases.

Our first stop at our favorite flea market. Charlie always has Peanuts!

Flea Markets

Bargain Hunter? Flea Markets are a great way to save some money when buying collectibles. The seller is generally present to discuss lowering prices or bundling items. If it’s a slow day or there’s impending rain, you can use that to your advantage.

Finding great items means finding the right market! Look for antique or collectible specialized markets to maximize your chances of finding the good stuff. Arriving early can help you snatch up the best finds. Being a regular at the flea market can help you pinpoint where to start since some vendors specialize in character memorabilia.

I haven’t found a great website for finding flea markets yet. Do a search on your location+flea market to find something in your area.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are like rummage sales of an entire household. There’s a little bit of everything. I use to find sales I want to go to. I get a weekly email with sales in my area. Each listing has photos, so I know what is available. Getting there early is the best way to ensure you get what you want. If you’re looking for bargains, go on the last day when they’re trying to clear out with discounted prices.

Local Auctions

The eBay alternative! Local auctions can be a great place to pick up Peanuts stuff. You can size up your competition in the bidding war on the spot. Just don’t let the heat of the moment drain your wallet! Be sure to register before bidding starts and check the terms of the auction. There’s lots of sites online to find local auctions, plus check your local newspaper.

Thrift Stores

Local charities run second hand shops full of donated goods. You can find Snoopy a new home plus you can help others. Win-win! Find a local Goodwill or use a search engine to find shops in your area.

Rummage Sales

Yard Sales. Garage Sales. Whatever you call it, it’s bargain prices for stuff other people don’t want. It’s not very efficient, but sometimes you can find a real gem. Look for homes in older neighborhoods that might have more years of stuff accumulated. For larger pickings, try local church and organization rummage sales. Use sites like, your local newspaper, or corner signs to find sales in your area.

Just a peek at the Snoopy Midwest Collectors Fest

Make New Friends

Get out and socialize! Growing your network of Peanuts finding friends is a great way to find vintage items for your collection.


When your bread and butter is buying and selling, finding repeat customers is the easy way to sell. When going to antique stores, flea markets, estate sales and auctions, get to know the dealers. Let them know what you’re looking for, and they might just be able to help you. If an antique mall has a public bulletin board, leave a note or business card with what you’re looking for.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads sites like and allow you to connect directly with sellers online. You can post want ads if you’re looking for something specific, or browse ads to see what you can find.

Fellow Collectors

Who knows Peanuts collectibles better than your fellow Peanuts fans? No one! Make some friends and let them know what you’re looking for. This can be a great help if you’re looking for something specific.

Collector Swap Meets

The ultimate Peanuts sale! Tables and tables of Peanuts goodies! Bring your wallet and a bit of restraint. You’re going to want it all!

Found these online, but never see them on my Snoopy hunts.

Surf the Web

The advantage of buying online is being able to search for what you want. Finding something specific or out of the ordinary can be a lot easier online. There are a few disadvantages of online shopping for vintage goods. Inspecting the item for flaws is difficult and relies on the seller to give good information and photos. Shipping is an added expense and can lead to broken collectibles. Finally, if you or the seller don’t know exactly what an item is, it might not be easy to search for.

Your first places to start shopping (after, of course) are your favorite search engine and A few of my personal favorites are and There are endless numbers of sites to search so have fun looking! Check out our Peanuts on the Internet page for a few of our favorite places to buy newer items.

Have a favorite place to shop? Let me know at

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