Spotting the Wild Snoopy Collectible in His Natural Habitat

Over many years, you learn to detect the slightest glimpse of the wild Snoopy collectible. Sometimes, he’ll be hiding among his fellow stuffed animals or living with a pack of his fellow Snoopys. To throw collectors off his scent, sometimes he’ll hunker down with a vast array of random housewares. Every week, I scour my local estate sale listings, hunting for that big Snoopy score. Test your skills at spotting the wild Snoopy collectibles in our gallery.
Obviously, the easiest Snoopy to spot is when the photographer set out to take a photo of just Snoopy. These photographers know just how to lure in the Peanuts hunters. While this is definitely easy to spot, it will bring in lots of other collectors and speculators.
Snoopy can often be found socializing with other cartoon characters. Toys are always a good place to start looking for the wild Snoopy collectible. Since it seems like they put Peanuts on just about everything you can think of, it’s sometimes hard to narrow down the focus when searching for Snoopy. From the kitchen cupboards to the office desk, Snoopy could be hiding anywhere. Your field manual to spotting the wild Snoopy collectible are Peanuts collector guides.
Finally, the wild Snoopy collectible can often show up in the unlikeliest places. Only the keenest collector’s eye will spot the Snoopy among the junk. Finding the familiar shape of his broad nose is always a strong indicator that Snoopy is nearby. The familiar lines of the Peanuts comic strip peaking through the corner of a stack of puzzles, magazines or other imposing lot is a good way to narrow your search.
Knowing where to focus can be a great help when you’re pressed for time at an antique store or flea market. However, some of the best treasures are found when digging through a pile or taking a close look at a jewelry display case. Patience and persistence are the key to undiscovered treasures. Get to know your dealers, as they might be your Sherpa on the way to a great Snoopy catch!
My best advice on enjoying the thrill of the hunt is to have a vast love of many vintage treasures, not just Peanuts. Focus your spending on your true passion, but spread your appreciation wide for the forgotten treasures. For instance, this Armstrong Quaker Linoleum Rug beneath this Snoopy trunk.

The Snoopy Scavenger Hunt

Can you spot all the Peanuts collectibles? Start at the beginning with the easy Snoopy finds and work your way down to the near impossible!

All these photos are pulled from online Estate Sale listings. To find sales near you, I recommend I receive a weekly email with local sales, just waiting for the Snoopy collectibles to be picked. 95% of the time, I don’t go after a Snoopy catch. Time and distance put me off going after most lone Snoopy finds. You never know what you might find in your own neighborhood! If you find a big Snoopy score online, it’s best to get there first to ensure you get your pick of the litter. Not everything may be photographed, so you may find more Peanuts goodies at the sale. Keep a keen eye out and bring home a treasure!

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