Snoopy’s Harp

Vintage Peanuts Charles Schultz Snoopy’s Harp Brand New In Original Box BNIB ’69 – $142. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

I’ve had a bunch of Snoopy’s harps in my shop since I started this site. I haven’t sold a lot of them. I wondered how someone could justify asking over one-hundred dollars for just one! However, this led me on a journey of discovery. You can still get Snoopy’s harp brand new! They’re everywhere on eBay, usually for under $8. On the outset, the packaging looks exactly the same. It’s time for some deep research!

With so many listings on eBay, it was time to dig into the photos. Most listings do not show the box at all angles. The box front is always the same, no clues there. The back, however, is a good indicator of an older Snoopy’s Harp. Barcodes are imprinted on newer boxes. This instrument was released in 1969 to coincide with the popularity of “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”. Barcodes weren’t introduced until 1974, so we can safely assume that all Snoopy’s Harps without barcodes belong to this earlier period. If you have more information about the production life of the Snoopy’s Harp, let me know at

How much is a Snoopy’s Harp worth?

How much should you pay for a truly vintage Snoopy’s Harp? In very good to mint condition, I would expect to pay under $20. The box is essential. Without it, how do you know it’s a Snoopy’s Harp? If you’d prefer a new one, buy low and buy to enjoy. Does the presence of new versions make the old versions worth more? I don’t think so. Anyone who wants one can easily get one. Since the casual mouth harp and Snoopy fans are no longer in the vintage harp market, there is less demand and lower prices.

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