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Snoopy Compact Mirror

NJ- SNOOPY (WHAT A FACE!) (1958 UNITED FEATURE SYNDICATE) MIRROR #23030 – $200. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

It’s Cute! It’s Compact! It’s not worth $200! Snoopy compact mirrors are surprisingly easy to find. Perhaps they didn’t sell as well as expected. Usually if a gal is using a mirror this small, she’s probably applying makeup… makeup that already comes with a mirror. Why weigh down your purse? Or perhaps she does need an extra mirror. One that doesn’t attract attention to her fixing her face, which this isn’t. Whatever the case might be, Snoopy compact mirrors are plentiful enough on the secondary market to stay well under the $200 price tag.

How much are Snoopy Compact Mirror worth?

Snoopy compact mirrors are constructed like pinback buttons and are subject to the same condition flaws. It’s not uncommon to see the design having dark spots or other deterioration, which can be from the metal rusting internally. The mirror can also lose some of its silvering, making it even more tricky to use. The seller of this item has provided no written notes on this piece, expecting the potential buyers to use the dark and blurry photos to determine condition. The one featured is very common and seems to have spots on the design. In mint condition, I expect to pay around $7-15, depending on the condition and rarity of a design.

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