Felt Snoopy Christmas Ornaments by Malina

Vintage Malina Felt Applique Peanuts Snoopy Santa Xmas 3D Ornaments Finished ’65 – $50. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Malina made a variety of craft kits including the still popular felt stitchery kits like these Felt Snoopy Christmas Ornaments. The kits included everything you needed to create the ornaments including pre-printed sheets of felt, beads, sequins, embroidery floss, fiber fill stuffing and a needle. Being a hand-crafted and probably over 30 years old, completed kits can range widely in how well they’re holding up. The kits came out in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

How much are Felt Snoopy Christmas Ornaments worth?

If you’re not crafty, or just don’t have the time, I think these Felt Snoopy Christmas Ornaments are priced just right for the market! While they’re a little tattered, they’re reasonably priced for a vintage hand-crafted item. With a little know-how, they could easily be repaired. Buying a Snoopy Ornament kit by Malina generally costs around $30 these days. For an extra $20, they’re ready for your tree!

Making these Felt Snoopy Christmas Ornaments would take a good 5-10 hours I would estimate, possibly more. It’s been a long time since I worked on one of these. The tricky bits are getting them stuffed just right, getting the stitching to look good and getting those tiny beads and sequins on. Plus, I’m always loosing the needle!

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