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Peanuts Fawcett Crest Book Covers

16 RARE VTG Peanuts Charlie Brown Fawcett Crest Comic Strip Booklet Cover Art – $474. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

What a strange thing to find! Sixteen unused covers from Peanuts Fawcett Crest books published in the 1980’s and 1990’s. With no creases from binding, it’s obvious these were never, ever used. How did anyone get a hold of such a thing? The covers were printed in the United States. Someone who worked at the publisher may have brought them home. Or perhaps, this is the portfolio of the cover artist. Maybe they were an archive held by the printing company. We may never know. There are no further details in this listing.

Beyond their origin, I would also like to know, how are they mounted to those pieces of paper? Some of the covers have what looks to be discoloration. Depending on the glue and the paper, these might only get worse over time. If someone wanted to preserve these, demounting them would be job number one. Even for display purposes, it would be better to have them remounted for a more handsome display.

How much is a Peanuts Fawcett Crest Book Cover worth?

With no previous sales data, there’s no baseline for comparison. At $30 a cover, I wouldn’t be interested. First, the condition. I just don’t know what I’m really getting. Second, the back story. There is none and there aren’t any little clues to follow. Finally, they’re just not that interesting. They’re lovely designs, don’t get me wrong. I love how the title is secondary to the great Peanuts art. They have a nice cohesiveness across the entire line of books. However, even though this is the era I started collecting Peanuts books in, I’m just not that nostalgic for them!

With today’s printing technology, I could scan any book cover I wanted and print it out as a display for less than $30. There’s much more pleasing artwork I could have on my walls than a barcode and an ISBN. However, that’s me. A book collector might find these a perfect pinnacle for their collection. A part of the story on how Peanuts books were made. If there was more connection to the original artist, or these were proofs for the final product, then perhaps it would be a better investment. Lastly, if someone could prove these weren’t used for some interesting reason, perhaps that would be the tale worth $474.

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