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Many Lives of Snoopy Figures


First, we start with some background. In 2001, McDonald’s did a series of tiny Snoopy plush toys in different outfits called “The Many Lives of Snoopy“. McDonald’s was building on the success of their two Snoopy World Tour sets, which people couldn’t get enough of. The World Tour Series did have an accompanying box to house figurines, but may have just been promotional. These series weren’t available in the United States, so I’m not certain on all the details on their promotion.

Which brings us to this set of Many Lives of Snoopy figures. While the box bears the Peanuts copyright information, there’s so many problematic design choices that make me think this is not licensed.

The evidence

First, redrawn characters. The front pictured here, along with the inside, have many examples of Snoopy being redrawn. While the Flying Ace here looks right, the straight edges of Snoopy on his doghouse looks very wrong in comparison.

Second, the figure themselves. They seem to be mimicking the original plush toys, rather than what a figurine of Snoopy should look like. They have some sort of mannequin to Snoopy uncanny valley vibe to them.

Third, the comic strip on the box. A quick search on Snoopy Ypres brings up this exact Sunday strip. I can’t imagine anyone with Peanuts allowing a comic strip to be “cut for space”.

Fourth, the inside of the box has another Snoopy on the Doghouse that looks distinctly 1970’s. Peanuts artwork is strictly policed so you’re not mixing artwork from different eras. Only exception would be a “Through the decades” type of piece.

Finally, if this is part of the McDonald’s series, then it would have some indication of that somewhere. I can’t imagine that there would be a licensing deal where some other company was using the exact same concept and designs as the McDonald’s series. McDonald’s banks on these toys being a unique selling point.

How much are Many Lives of Snoopy Figures worth?

Unless I had real proof that these were genuine licensed products, there’s no way I would buy these. Even with proof, it would be the worst representation of Snoopy ever. I happen to have the Snoopy World Tour Series knock-off in my collection. It’s an odd piece. Good display, weird graphics and slightly odd figures. Owning it doesn’t really clear up matters at all. They’re only saving grace is that they are kinda cute, unlike these Many Lives of Snoopy Figures.

I mainly wrote this piece so you could see what I see when looking for fakes. Stay safe out there!

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