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Snoopy Aviva Die-Cast Car

Vintage 1966 Peanuts Snoopy Ski Snowman Die Cast Car Metal Movie Prop – $60. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Between the loose Snoopy, the fuzzy underside photo, and the poor condition, at first I didn’t recognize this Snoopy Aviva Die-Cast Car. After some research though, it’s the Snoopy Ski Buggy made in 1982 by Aviva. Poor Snoopy is going skiing without his skis! They would have been affixed to his car creating almost a roof over his head. You can see the holes in the car fenders where the red plastic piece would have been attached.

Also amusing about this listing is the seller’s suggestion for use. Could you see this tiny car used as a movie prop? With just over 300 listings for Snoopy Aviva cars, there’s a lot of choice for that prop master! Also, it better be an important plot point or visual experience to pay $60 for a broken, old Snoopy car.

How much is a Snoopy Aviva Die-Cast Car worth?

Alas, without the skis to the Ski Buggy, this toy is sadly not collectible. It would make a wonderful restoration project. Make it into whatever you want. Fix up that paint, reattach Snoopy, 3-D print your own accessory, print up some stickers for a new take on an old classic. In this condition, I might pick it up for under $3. Mint on the original card, this could easily be worth around $20 to the right collector.

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