Snoopy Sinclair Sign

1953 VINTAGE ”SINCLAIR AVIATION” SNOOPY GAS & OIL PORCELAIN SIGN 10X15 INCH – $175. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

A couple months back, I did some hard research into a vintage, porcelain Snoopy Smith-O-Lene Sign. My conclusion was that it was a fake meant to deceive. This Snoopy Sinclair sign is also a fake, but more like an American dollar bill printed in red instead of green. If you’re familiar with Snoopy, you should spot this as a fake right away.

The 1953 Snoopy was not on his doghouse. He was not fantasizing about France, the Red Baron or dogfighting in a Sopwith Camel. Snoopy was a regular dog. He wanted nothing more than to pal around with Charlie Brown and occasionally be a motor in a soap box derby car. When could we expect to see this Snoopy? Based on the shape of Snoopy’s nose, I’m guessing around the 1980’s. It comes down to Snoopy’s nose. It’s rounded out from his more curvaceous nose of the 1960’s, but it’s still a bit longer than a 1990’s nose. Compare and contrast the two eras at the bottom of this post.

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On the non-Peanuts fronts, there are a few things to note about this sign. The small 53 on the bottom is meant to be the date this was produced. The Sinclair “logo” is not one I can find on anything Sinclair. Granted, I did a quick google search, but still. They can’t even knock up a convincing fake Sinclair logo?! They’re so close it wouldn’t take much more to make it difficult to detect. I could do a much, much better job of faking these terrible signs. Don’t buy them for the impossible Snoopy! Don’t buy them for the bad, bad graphic design work.

How much is a Snoopy Sinclair Sign worth?

Let’s not buy these! Don’t support this crap! The featured listing says “vintage style” meaning they probably don’t think it’s the real deal either, but they’re not going to say it outright. However, there are plenty of other listings waiting to purloin your hard earned money with their fake signs. For instance, Signs77 says they’re not a sign expert, yet based on my research, all they sell are signs and they claim this one came from a “collection”. Finally, there have been no Snoopy Sinclair signs sold on eBay before September, 2020. Sell it as a fantasy piece, but don’t lead me to believe this is a genuine 1953 Snoopy Flying Ace Sinclair Oil sign! The real thing does not exist.

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