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Vintage Snoopy Halloween Costume

Vintage PEANUTS Child’s SNOOPY COSTUME (Large) w/ Box – $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Kids today don’t know how well they have it! While this costume makes me nostalgic, it also makes me happy that my parents made my costumes. No crinkly piece of weird plastic to wear over your street clothes. No sharp piece of plastic mask over my face with its unreliable elastic string. Wait, what’s that? A plastic mask? This Vintage Snoopy Halloween costume doesn’t have a the signature plastic mask!

Without the mask, this Vintage Snoopy Halloween Costume is incomplete. Unless this particular costume had an exceptionally good box, or really rare overalls, I wouldn’t buy it at at even half price. Vintage Snoopy Halloween costumes seem to be readily available on the secondary market. Nostalgic, yes. Wearable, no. There’s not many parents that would prefer to dress their kids in this ancient garb over a newer, plush and more realistic Snoopy costume. Therefore, they stay intact on the secondary market, waiting for collectors to find them new homes.

How much is a Vintage Snoopy Halloween Costume worth?

When buying vintage costumes, completeness and condition are key. Pay top dollar only when an item is complete and with the box. Buying pieces to complete a costume may be tricky, as these items probably didn’t survive often outside their original container. Condition should be checked, since used pieces probably have some damage due to their cheap materials. As of this writing, there are deals on Vintage Snoopy Halloween Costumes on eBay starting at just $10, shipping not included. Complete and in the box, I’d expect to pay around $20-35 depending on condition and rarity.

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