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Baseball Peanuts Zany Banks

New in Box–Vintage Peanuts Ceramic Peppermint Patty Zany Banks Bank-Snoopy Pal – $20. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

New in Box–Vintage Peanuts Ceramic Linus Zany Banks Bank-Baseball-Snoopy’s Pal – $20. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

The cure for my years of insanity! The answer to my question has finally been answered. Are these banks licensed? No! How many are there? Three, which includes Linus, Peppermint Patty and Schroeder. For years, I would occasionally come across one of these Baseball Peanuts Zany Banks that stumped me. They look very similar to the 1973 Peanuts baseball player banks. However, they are definitely a different mold and a different material. With no markings on the Zany Banks, how do you do the research? Some items have stickers with the copyright information, so it was possible they were just undocumented, not unlicensed… until now!

Here is an eBay seller doing all the right things. The seller, pnutsperson, should know their Peanuts history, so I feel we can trust this fellow collector. When in doubt, just check any other listings they have that are easy to cross-check. The listing says these are from 1995, which gives us a good idea of when they were produced. Thankfully, pnutsperson also has the box! Hurray! The box is very generic. So generic, they didn’t even bother putting the different characters on the front of the box. The Peppermint Patty bank has a Linus box with the indication of which bank is inside being marked on the back. The box front just says “Ceramic Baseball Player Bank”. A real Peanuts item would be shouting it from the box tops that it was a real Peanuts licensed item. This is just subtly saying it’s just some kid playing baseball, nothing to litigate against here.

How much are Baseball Peanuts Zany Banks worth?

Before I could write this story, someone bought these up for $30 each (including shipping). Would I pay that? No. I’ve passed these up for less without the box. As for collecting, there’s not going to be a lot of collectors looking for these vague knock-offs. I’d rather save my money for the real deal. But if you like it, collect it. Just know what you’re getting. We finally know!

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