How Much is a 1958 Snoopy Worth?

The truth is your item might not be as old as it appears to be! A common misconception is that dates on items refer to the year it was manufactured. While your item might say “Snoopy ©1958 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.” this refers to the character of Snoopy, not the year it was produced. The copyright was renewed in 1965, so you may also see “Snoopy ©1958, 1965 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.” Read about the Peanuts Copyright Dates.

Is my Snoopy from 1958?

The Peanuts comic strip started in 1950. There were very few merchandise products made in Peanuts’ first decade beyond books. The first Peanuts collectible was by the  Hungerford Plastics Corporation in 1958. They created a series of dolls featuring Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and Charlie Brown. They later added Pigpen, Schroeder and Sally to their line-up. Read about the history of Peanuts Hungerford Dolls.

In short, if it isn’t this Snoopy doll, then it’s not a Snoopy from 1958.

Snoopy Hungerford Doll Package

When was My Snoopy Made?

Determining when a Snoopy item was made can take some sleuthing or just intuition. If an item has materials or themes that were popular in a specific decade, then that could be a major clue.

For instance, this 1984 Olympics Snoopy patch has a 1958 copyright at the bottom. It’s obviously from 1984, not 1958.

Read more about Dating a Peanuts item.

How much is my Snoopy worth? has many resources for Peanuts fans to help determine the value of a Snoopy item. 

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Snoopy Collectibles Price Guides

A Snoopy collectibles price guide can help determine the value of vintage Peanuts memorabilia. Price guides contain history, values and photos of many items such as Snoopy watches, lunch boxes, pez dispensers, phones, banks, clocks, pins, glasses, books and much more. 

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