Sitting Snoopy Plush Toy

Vintage Snoopy Plush 15″ 1970 United Feature Syndicate Product Of Korea Ext Rare – $145. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Poor, neglected Snoopy! This Sitting Snoopy Plush Toy by Determined Productions is being sold for parts. Between his yellowed fur, his missing mouth and his loose tail, Snoopy has seen better days since he was produced in the late 1960’s. Those sad, sad eyes are just begging to be adopted into a proper home for this old dog. It will take a long, long time at the seller’s current price of $145! Did they mean to put $14.50? $1.45? I can’t imagine buying this Snoopy just for parts at his current price. I would probably be able to eventually find one in much better condition for less than this one!

Other than the injustice of being sold for scrap, this Sitting Snoopy Plush Toy is being cast in another terrible light. The harsh yellow of the backdrop combined with yellow lights is never going to do this plush toy justice. If anything, it may be hiding his good qualities that could find him a loving home. Is Snoopy a filthy brown you never want to touch? Or a vintaged hue of mild beige that gives him a grace befitting his age? We’ll never know. Side note: I highly recommend this light tent from Amazon for anyone wanting quality results with ease! Worth every penny! (affiliate link)

How much is a Sitting Snoopy Plush Toy worth?

How much would I pay for him? I can’t tell. In very good to mint condition, I could see spending $25-40 on a complete, light beige to white Sitting Snoopy Plush Toy. While he’s cute, he’s not the favorite classic Snoopy doll everyone has come to love. This Snoopy comes from a time where a lot of stuffed toys looked a little scary, crazy or stylized by today’s standards. He’s a product of his time and put the industry on a path towards plushes that were better representations of their original 2-D counterparts. Maybe his price will drop and someone will give him the love, hand-washing and needlework he deserves to live on for many more years.

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