Snoopy Bobblehead by Lego

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The Peanuts and Snoopy Bobbleheads by Lego are a very iconic collectibles. Produced in 1959, they’re also one of the oldest Peanuts collectibles. The look of the characters is a little odd, but the roundness of the Peanuts characters heads lent themselves perfectly to the bobblehead craze at the time. Characters produced include Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Pig-pen and Schroeder.

Finding Lego Bobbleheads in perfect condition is an exercise in futility. The composition material they are made of is easily chipped and broken. This creates for a fragile medium for a kinetic figurine. Always examine the underside of the head for cracks and missing pieces, since this is where the bobblehead will bear the brunt of overzealous head flicks. The spring holding the head to the base can often times be over sprung or loose, causing a character’s neck to be oddly elongated or turned to the side. Finally, the paint often shows signs of age including crazing, flaking and discoloration. Snoopy’s white body has often yellowed over time. When buying a Peanuts Lego Bobblehead, go in with the understanding that its condition may continue to degrade without proper attention to it’s environment. Extremes temperature and light should be avoided.

This particular Snoopy Bobblehead by Lego has seen better days. It’s paint is rapidly flaking off on the base. It is very unfortunate since Snoopy has retained a really pure white color on his body. While forgiving the condition issues of Lego bobbleheads is par for the course when collecting them, the paint loss on this Snoopy is too extensive for collecting. In my opinion, this would be a perfect candidate for restoration. The right person could delicately remove the flaking paint, stop further paint from flaking and restore the black base. The final piece would be to add the “Snoopy” label. I wouldn’t touch the white parts or touch anything up since it’s part of the original patina of the Snoopy Bobblehead.

How much is a Snoopy Bobblehead by Lego worth?

If this Snoopy Bobblehead by Lego weren’t missing its paint and the base was in a similar condition to the rest of the piece, I could see it fetching the asking price. However, since restoration will cost money and it won’t restore it to it’s original value, I would expect to pay around $10-30. Restoration might cost more than the piece is worth. However, the right hobbyist could use their skills to bring Snoopy back.

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