The Snoopy Game Pieces

Rare 1960’S VINTAGE PVC UFS Toys Snoopy Charlie Lucy Linus Peppermint Patty – $40. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Obviously, this seller has no clue that these are pawns from The Snoopy Game. Can you blame them? No, we can’t. There’s probably no clues connecting these to the original game. The Snoopy Game pieces would have been encased in a plastic bubble inset in the original game box. While the game box looked excellent on display, it doesn’t hold up over time with a big chunk out of its lid. These super cute tiny figurines show up on the market place displaced from all the cards, dice and game board of the original 1980’s board game by Milton Bradley.

How much are Snoopy Game Pieces worth?

If you have The Snoopy Game and you’re missing these pieces, this lot would be a good way for you to complete the set. However, at $40, it would be cheaper to buy another whole board game! For around $20-40, you should be able to get a complete board game. As a Peanuts collector, you probably already have tiny figurines that would allow you to recreate the experience of The Snoopy Game pieces. Since these figures are very dirty and were never meant to be display quality, I wouldn’t pay more than a dollar or so per piece. This is one of those things you find in that twenty-five cent bin at a rummage sale. If you really needed just one, and could get just one in mint condition, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the $4.50 per piece they’re asking to complete my game. But when buying two or more, you might as well just get an incomplete game with the right pieces at around $10.

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