St. Patrick’s Day Snoopy Home Decoration Book


I love Snoopy Home Decoration Books. They’re filled with Peanuts images on card stock to decorate your house or classroom seasonally. The designs are perforated so they can be pressed out. Usually, you’ll find just individual designs, not the full book. Even so, I’m not willing to pay outrageous prices for them.

Hallmark produced a variety of Peanuts and Snoopy Home Decoration Books starting in the late 1960’s up through the late 1980’s. Each book is based on a theme, such as holidays, seasons or just Snoopy and Woodstock. They were a cheap and simple way to bring some fun decorations for a party. Obviously, a complete book is worth the most. The cover will sometimes indicate exactly how many designs are in the book, making it easy to determine if the book is complete.

How much is a Snoopy Home Decoration Book worth?

While an interesting piece of ephemera, Snoopy Home Decoration Book always bring a quandary to the Collector. Use the press-out designs and ruin the value of the book, or keep them together and only enjoy the images on occasion? A complete book in very good to excellent condition, with no pressed-out designs, I would expect to pay around $10-20. A premium of $5-10 might be warranted on rarer and older books. Incomplete, I would expect to pay around $1-2 per each design left.

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