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10 Iconic Peanuts Collectibles

Icons endure through the ages and are passed down from one generation to the next. Just like the Peanuts gang members, these collectibles have been endeared themselves to their fans, new and seasoned. Some have evolved with the times, updating, yet still classic Peanuts mementos. Have one I missed your favorite? Send your suggestions to Caren at

Peanuts Pocket Dolls

Schroeder, Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown and Snoopy Pocket Dolls became a hit with kids in the late 1960’s. Made by Determined Production, their classic look has been a favorite with collectors through the years.
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Peanuts Lunch Boxes

Though Charles Schulz preferred to give his characters paper lunch bags, fans love their Peanuts lunch boxes! Everyone has their own childhood favorite, but the original metal lunch boxes from King-Seeley Thermos are the most memorable. The iconic Peanuts lunch boxes were even re-imagine and turned into Hallmark ornaments (affiliate link).
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Lunch is on Snoopy

Snoopy Watches

It’s always party time with a dancing Snoopy on your watch! The earliest Snoopy watches were created by Determined Productions and Timex.
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Peanuts Philosophy Books

Is there anything more iconic than “Happiness is a Warm Puppy”? The book not only started a wave of cultural references, it solidified Charles Schulz’s talent to simply state the human condition. “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” is followed by curated Peanuts philosophy books on a variety of themes, as well as memorabilia available as constant reminders of our
favorite Schulz quotes.
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Peanuts Pennants

Just a brightly colored piece of felt, screen printed with a Peanuts quote and image. A Peanuts pennant is simple, yet makes a powerful statement. Though the medium may no longer be felt, displaying a favorite Peanuts philosophy is still cornerstone of Peanuts memorabilia.
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Snoopy’s Doghouse Bank

Nothing is more iconic in Peanuts than Snoopy’s Doghouse. His straightforward house is the perfect container for saving pennies, nickels and dimes. The Snoopy Doghouse Bank has had many variations over the years. Bank of America and Chex cereal have promoted their businesses with a Snoopy Doghouse Bank.
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Snoopy Doghouse Bank

Peanuts Fawcett Crest Paperbacks

Fawcett Crest paperbacks may be cheap and plentiful, but that’s what makes them so endearing to me. The ubiquitous books spanned the generations, letting kids and adults alike share Peanuts. When you see a well-loved paperback, you know someone really enjoyed it! 
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Peanuts Hungerford Dolls

The Peanuts Gang’s first step into memorabilia started with the Hungerford Dolls in 1958. Though not as cuddly as their later plush counterparts, Peanuts Hungerford Dolls have a unique style that mirrors their cartoon counterparts. 
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Snoopy Telephone - Gold Dial Phone

Snoopy AT&T Phone

When I was a pre-teen, not only did I long for a phone of my own, I really wanted this Snoopy Phone! Though not a practical phone design, it is certainly a statement piece in any room. Its popularity lasted for many years and models featured a dial or push buttons, and even a model with a built-in lamp was available.
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Snoopy Doll

There’s nothing quite like cuddling with your plush Snoopy doll! The Snoopy I had as a kid shows just how much I loved him. His poor neck is missing all his stuffing from years of hugs and being taken all over the house. Even through there have been a variety of Snoopy dolls made, everyone has their personal favorite. What’s yours?
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