Peanuts Outdoor Sign

VTG Halloween Peanuts Charlie Brown Snoopy Outdoor Yard Sign Outside Decor Art – $68. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

It may be Halloween, but this is the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” of collectibles. While over all this Peanuts Outdoor Sign still seems to be in decent shape, it needs a little love to be useful again. The extremely yellowed back shows right where a post should be attached to this plastic sign. With a few wooden stakes and screws, you’ll be ready to decorate for Halloween or slay a vampire.

Personally, I don’t mind the occasional DIY project when it comes to collectibles. However, some assembly required means an additional layout of time and money to have what I want. I’m not willing to pay high prices for something that’s less than perfect and originally came pre-assembled.

For once, we have a product that has the actual year it was made on it! The 1998 copyright by Impact Plastics is when this piece came out.

How much is a Peanuts Outdoor Sign worth?

For a DIY project I really want to take on, I might be willing to pay around $5 or so for this Peanuts Outdoor Sign. The new parts means it’s not original and no longer a collectible to me, personally. I’d use it year after year to enjoy until it’s destroyed by the elements. In very good to mint condition, I’d expect to pay around $10-20. I could still enjoy it. To ensure it’s longevity, I’d keep it indoors in front of a window that doesn’t get too much light.

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