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Lucy and Snoopy Postalettes by Hallmark

Vintage Hallmark Snoopy Lucy Psychiatric Help Peanuts Postalettes w/ Stickers – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

I love Hallmark. Their vintage stationary can be so inventive and fun! These Lucy and Snoopy Postalettes are cute, but they’re not from the golden age of postalettes. Later Hallmark designers would challenge themselves to bring the world of Peanuts to new heights of imagination. They’d mix it up, have some fun, bring in minor characters or have Snoopy dressed in exotic costumes. I love these, but they’re pretty basic. To each their own, but as my avid readers know, desirability equals higher payouts for sellers.

How much are Lucy and Snoopy Postalettes by Hallmark worth?

If I’m being told “perfect for any vintage Peanuts – Snoopy collector”, then they better know what this Peanuts collector really wants from her overpriced Peanuts items. I want completeness! This set is sadly missing three postalettes and stickers. I want perfection! The price on this item has been scribbled out. Plus, the box isn’t in absolute perfect shape. In its current form, I’d gladly pay around $10 and forget all its flaws. I’ll always have a place in my heart for late 1960’s Hallmark goodies, but not necessarily in my pocketbook.

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