Vintage Peanuts Hallmark Greeting Card

Vintage Peanuts Gallery Hallmark Snoopy Linus Greeting Card Hurry Back! No Envel – $107. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Next time your Hallmark store muttering about the price of cards these days, just think of this card and be happy to paying under $10 for a greeting card. This Vintage Peanuts Hallmark greeting card is from the 1970’s based on its style. There’s not much reference material unless someone can unlock the secret of the codes on Hallmark materials of this era. Please email me with your wisdom at

What could make any greeting card worth $107? Nostalgia? Pinning your hopes of a big score on the revived memories is a long shot. An extra special novelty card? Maybe an giant, pop-up, or puzzle card could send the prices soaring. The perfect sentiment? Maybe those words that voice perfectly what’s in your heart is worth the money. Signed by a famous person? Anyone would love a card from a special celebrity. Really, other than being signed by Charles Schulz himself, I can’t think of an reason I’d ever want to spend more than $40 on a greeting card. Gigantic oversized cards are the only way I might spend over $5 for a single greeting card. The last example in existence to complete your collection? Well, I guess that’s a decent reason.

How much is a Vintage Peanuts Hallmark Greeting Card worth?

Peanuts vintage greeting cards of the basic variety like this Linus example are worth around $2-4 in very good to mint condition. Bonus buck for the envelope. While I find this an interesting subject matter, I’m not finding it super compelling. I also really like Linus, but not $107 worth. When you can still get a selection of brand new Peanuts cards at the store, you’re not going to find a lot of people willing to spend big bucks on vintage cards.

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