Snoopy Vietnam War Patch

SNOOPY OPS – RED BARON – FLYING ACE – Patch – USAF 20th TASS – Vietnam War, 5019 – $24.77. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Snoopy was a popular figure for Vietnam War patches. A military unit would create a patch as an insignia for their members. The patches can be crude, both in their manufactuering and their humor. The representation of Snoopy was always unlicensed and generally looks very amateurish. Military patches are popular with collectors for their connection with history and variety. The values have been increasing over the years with the increased interest in their history.

The seller gives this information on the patch. “The 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron was formed at Da Nang in November 1965 as part of the 505th Tactical Control Squadron. Flying old US Army, Bird Bog Aircraft used for aerial reconnaissance for ground troops, primarily Special Forces and the 20th TASS had outposts at various Special Operations, Forward Op’s Base camps, notably Khe Sanh, Dong Ha, Quang Tri, Hue and Kham Duc. This piece from their base at Pleiku and operations over the I Drang Valley.”

However, this “Snoopy Vietnam War Patch” isn’t a Vietnam War patch or even a patch from that era. The main tip off is its license. Copyright PNTS is a dead giveaway. That copyright wasn’t used until 2010 when the Peanuts rights were sold. During the Vietnam War, any licensed patch would have said “United Feature Syndicate” or “UFS”. One little detail and this seller’s long story about the patch’s origins falls apart. Oddly enough, this is one time being licensed actually decreases the value!

How much is a Snoopy Vietnam War Patch worth?

Embroidery is simple to create in this day in age. Sure, you need a special sewing machine*, but it’s really not that difficult. Get the file, thread, some old fabric, and you can make a vintage-looking Snoopy patch, too. Maybe it’s made in Vietnam, but it’s definitely modern. If Snoopy military patches is something you’d like collect, there are plenty of other examples on eBay. I suggest doing your homework on what to look for and what to avoid before you buy.

Personally, I’m not collecting military patches because it’s one cross-over I’m not interested in spending money on. I respect the history the patches represent and the camaraderie they gave to many during difficult times. These are fan art illustrating the spirit of the soldiers, not knock-off products made for mass-production. This seller has sold eight of these patches, some for just $5, and makes me question the authenticity of their other examples.

*I could totally make this. If you’d like to see that happen, come sponsor at Patreon and let me know why you signed up. When ten new people request this, I’ll make a video.

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