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Snoopy Ceiling Fan

NEW VTG 1971 PEANUTS SNOOPY FOR ALL SEASONS 42″ ceiling fan w/light NIP – $245. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Nothing says serious Peanuts Fan like a Peanuts fan! Every Snoopy room could use a Snoopy ceiling fan. I have two, not installed… yet. I found them on Craigslist. Picking them up locally saves on massive shipping costs and potential breakage of the important glass shade. I paid about $40 for a late 1980’s Snoopy ceiling fan that was out of the box, but complete. For my Snoopy Flying Ace ceiling fan, I paid $75, never used in the box.

We’re not here to talk about my fandom, but this Snoopy ceiling fan. It’s wonderful that it has the box. As a collector, while I love a perfect box, it’s secondary to the contents inside since most people will want to use their fan. However, the box may be telling us other secrets! Water damage? How far does that damage extend? Electrical components from the late 1980’s may not be working anymore if they’re corroded and should probably be double checked before installing. Also, the fan blades are not all displayed, yet could have easily been photographed for this listing. The only one shown has signs of being dusty, but are there other condition issues? Old dust may not clean up as nicely as the buyer hopes.

How much is a Snoopy Ceiling Fan worth?

If I could be assured that this Snoopy ceiling fan was in full working condition, I might be induced to pay $250 if I really, really wanted it. However, I’d rather take the chance on it around $75 or less. To be fair, I have an extremely handy boyfriend who would be able to redo the electrics if needed for me. Hi Allen! But if you’re not dating Allen, and you shouldn’t because he’s mine, then you may have to pay someone to rewire this fixture for you. Luckily, this fan’s fixture is generic enough that you might be able to swap the blades and shade with a similar, working fan.

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