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Snoopy Badge-a-Minit Button

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Nothing makes me more disappointed than to see Badge-a-Minit on the back of a Peanuts button. Badge-a-Minit makes tool for creating your own pinback buttons. If you’ve got something to say and can fit in a two inch circle, Badge-a-Minit is for you! Stack your pieces into the contraption, pull down the handle, and out pops your badge with any message you want. Perfect for kids, crafts, local causes, and over-priced vintage Peanuts “memorabilia”.

You’ll find Snoopy Badge-a-Minit Buttons made with stickers, newspaper comics, and wrapping paper. If it’s thin enough to be molded onto a piece of metal, then it’s going to be turned into a badge. It’s easy to spot the crafted pieces when they have a distinct logo on them Badge-a-minit, but there are other companies that produce similar machines. Plus, there will always be badge parts with no logos at all. How do you tell if you have the real deal? Most licensed pinback buttons will have the copyright info somewhere on the button, generally on the lip around the edge of the button, hidden away. If you can’t find evidence of the copyright there, then you’ve probably got a craft on your hands. Sticker buttons generally have their copyright along the edge of the sticker, plus the background won’t extend all the way to the edges.

How much is this Snoopy Badge-a-Minit Button worth?

I chose this one to feature because it’s really cute and you can clearly see the Badge-a-Minit logo on the back. I feel like this particular one isn’t too badly priced for a piece someone wants to enjoy, though still a little high to me. For collecting, I’d pass at more than a couple bucks. I have more than enough items to collect, and things like this aren’t on the list.

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