Peanuts Party Napkin

Vintage Snoopy and The Peanuts Gang Paper Napkin – $15. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

The day I pay $15, plus nearly $5 for shipping for one napkin is never going to come. That is an outrageous price, which this entire series is about. However, this time, it’s just a little too crazy for me. Twenty bucks isn’t that much to spend. But this is one napkin. One solitary napkin. A full package I could understand. An early 1970’s Hallmark napkin is not the holy grail of collecting. It’s not even in mint condition! It’s been written on!

When selling online, it’s hard to earn money to cover time spent on listing and shipping. Taking the time to list this napkin for what it’s worth would probably not be worth it. My advice is to either bundle it with something else, or just be happy it’s finding a new home. I have to do that all the time. If it’s under $5, it probably isn’t worth my time to be listing it, but I do it anyway. Let’s spread the happiness!

How much is a Peanuts Party Napkin worth?

A single napkin? Do I ever think I’m going to spend money on just one napkin? No. I want to buy complete packs of napkins for my collection. My collection does have lots of examples of solitary napkins. I’m lucky enough to get them from people just giving them to me as part of a package deal, or just some miscellaneous Snoopy stuff saved over the years. I wouldn’t pay more than a dollar or two if I really wanted a single napkin for some odd reason. I’d pay $10-15 for a complete package of these napkins in the original cellophane.

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