Zebco Snoopy Catch’em Tackle Box

Snoopy Catch em Box Peanuts Yellow Tackle Fishing Box Sealed COMPLETE RARE – $125. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Zebco started making Snoopy fishing supplies in the late 1980’s. They went on and on and on making them. The latest iteration I could find has the 2000 50th anniversary logo on it! After all that time, there are plenty of Zebco Snoopy Catch’em Tackle Boxes to add to your collection. The only question is… What condition do you want?

A lovely little tackle box is great for a Peanuts collection. You can pop little collectibles in there. You can take it along to Snoopy swap meets and use it to store tags and stuff. It’s a versatile piece of Snoopy equipment, even if you aren’t into fishing! You can’t store stuff in it if it’s mint in the package. If you want a tackle box and aren’t particular, there are plenty of examples out there ready for you. The Zebco Snoopy Catch’em Tackle Box was originally sold both with and without the extra supplies.

Now, if fishing is your idea of a grand ol’ time, a mint in the package Zebco Snoopy Catch’em Tackle Box might be just the thing for your collection. Finding them with all the bits and bobs is much harder. Is $125 worth it to you for the whole package?

How much is a Snoopy Tackle Box worth?

Let’s be honest! No one wants a fishy smelling Zebco Snoopy Catch’em Tackle Box! Finding them in lightly used condition won’t be too difficult on today’s market. You have plenty to choose from! They came in orange and yellow. Yellow is more common. The yellow version has the design either printed directly on the box, or a large sticker on the front side. Stickers in decent condition are probably harder to find. Getting stickers wet is a sure-fire way to ruin a collectible! Prices range from around $10-30 for Snoopy tackle boxes in very good to mint condition. Make sure the one you get has its tray and a working latch! Personally, I would only put a premium of around $10-20 on a fully-laden and wrapped Snoopy fishing tackle box.

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