Springbok Charlie Brown Poster


If you’re going to be asking the big money and acting like an expert, you could at least get your eBay listing right. Schulz is not spelled “Schultz”. Also, learn to type without the caps lock key. Everyone knows by now that’s not how we do things here on the internet. Right? Finally, this poster isn’t unique, as there’s probably another one out there somewhere.

We’ve all had days like the one Charlie Brown is having. We’d love to commiserate with him and own this poster. At this price, however, we’d be having the best day of our lives to throw down so much money for a poster that probably cost a buck or two new. I’m guessing this is a late 1970’s, early 1980’s poster. Definitely NOT 1950 when Charlie Brown didn’t look a thing like he does here! And lithography? That fancy word just means the usual way of mass-production printing, not some artisan creating this by hand.

Can’t fault the photos though! Those are pretty nice. If I’m spending gobs and gobs of money for something, this is a nice amount of photos to make that happen.

How much is a Charlie Brown Poster worth?

The market has lots of old Peanuts posters. Some people ask over $100 for some examples. I’d still pass at those high prices. I’m in at $20-30 if the mood strikes me, but some people might pay more. Charlie Brown certainly knows how to express himself on a bad day, and maybe cheer you up.

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