Snoopy for President Inflatable Pillow

Vtg 1960s Charlie Brown’s Snoopy for President Inflatable Blow Up Pillow! RARE! – $50. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

When I saw this Snoopy for President Inflatable Pillow, I was on the fence whether to do an article on it. Not strictly Peanuts, yet still perceived as a Peanuts collectible by some. Will people respond to an article that doesn’t show an image of Snoopy or any other Peanuts character? Yet, there’s my exact argument about the value of this to a Peanuts collector. If you’re reading this post because you’re excited by the image, then perhaps I’m entirely wrong. More likely, if you’re reading this you just want to know what this has to do with Peanuts collecting.

Snoopy for President was a big thing in 1972. Interstate brands had a marketing campaign featuring the slogan. No politician campaigns was complete without pinback buttons, and Snoopy had his share through the years. Election years correspond to President Snoopy memorabilia showing up on the market. From what I can tell, this Snoopy for President Inflatable Pillow is not an official, licensed Peanuts comic strip item. Perhaps the prevalence of items like this spurred the merchandising of 1972 and beyond. In contrast, maybe Snoopy for President mania wasn’t satiated by licensed merchandise and left the market open to unofficial merchandise. We may never know since there’s no inflatable pillows fan site for me to consult. From what I can tell, inflatable pillows were a thing in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. This puts it right about the time this slogan started gaining popularity.

How much is a Snoopy for President Inflatable Pillow worth?

Not being a collector of inflatable pillows, I have no idea how much one is worth. I don’t keep an eye on the market for these. Plus, I don’t have historical data piling up in the recesses of my brain. If I saw this in a shop, I wouldn’t pay $50 for it. Maybe $5-10, depending on how much I like it in person. That’s not to say it isn’t worth the $50 to the right collector. If someone has more info to connect this to actual licensed Peanuts memorabilia, please send me an email!

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