Snoopy Wall Clock

Retro 17” Peanuts Snoopy & Woodstock Wall Clock – $40. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

First things first, I don’t have any info on this clock that we can’t see here. After doing some research, I can tell you what it’s not. Based on what I already own, it’s probably not a Peanuts Salton, Determined Productions or Citizen clock. My best guess is it might be a Snoopy wall clock made for the Asian market in the 1990’s. How did I jump to that conclusion? Let’s take a look at the facts.

First, picking a decade. It’s old enough to be yellowed, yet new enough to have that mass-produced modern plastic look. It’s still United Feature Syndicate, but it doesn’t include dates. The lack of date puts it sometime after 1994. Based on the design and the frontal shot of Snoopy this depicts, I’m going with 1990’s. This pose of Snoopy was popular in the 1990’s.

Second, picking a brand. Since it’s probably 1990’s, it’s best to start with 1990’s brands. Salton and Citizen clocks tend to have their brand emblazoned on the face of the clock. Determined Productions tends to have the dates listed with the copyright information. Without any real brand information to go on, I can’t really give this piece any value based on branding. Brands can give a piece a place in the roster. If you know a brand is good, then you’ll value an unknown piece by that brand more highly. Generics are unknown factors and don’t add to the value of a piece.

Third, picking a market. Just because I’ve never seen it, doesn’t mean it isn’t American market. However, I going to lean towards Asian market. Snoopy was big there and lots of stuff was being made just for Japan, Korea, etc. Part of my leanings towards that conclusion ride on the font choices for the clock. They’re a little weird. That loopy one used for Snoopy in all caps is NOT something an American designer would arrive at, in my opinion. It’s odd using all uppercase cursive. It looks much better for the word “woodstocks”. Which leads me to the word and capitalization choice on “woodstocks” also being odd. Going back to the other clocks of this era, there are many examples of Beaglescout Snoopy and multi-Woodstock clocks that simply say “Snoopy & Woodstock”. Plural Woodstocks wouldn’t be used on American-market clocks and higher-end Asian-market clocks.

How much is a Snoopy Wall Clock worth?

Whatever this clock is, there’s a big, big flaw with it. We’re going back to those Woodstocks! Where are their heads? You can see Snoopy holding their bodies. I believe their heads are missing. I think they were three-dimensional, just like Snoopy’s head and feet. There seems to be a slot on top of the clock where maybe they would fit in. Without the Woodstocks, I’d give this a hard pass. Otherwise, it’s actually really cute, despite its design oddness. I could see paying $40 for this obscure clock in complete condition. However, the shipping cost of over $40 would give me pause. Lots of pause. A USPS priority package at 20″x14″x6″ is only $17 to ship from California to Wisconsin. What size is this box?!

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