Snoopy Juice Box Holder


“Only One Ever Listed” says this seller. Just take a moment. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “PEANUTS FINDS FROM EBAY”. Meet you back up here at the next paragraph.

What? It isn’t the only one on eBay? What hijinks is this?! Let’s talk about sippy cups. It’s a cup for holding liquid for small children so they don’t spill it everywhere and drink from a little spout. This Snoopy Juice Box Holder has no way to contain liquid on its own. You must insert a juice box. Convenient and another layer of protection for your furniture and carpet.

Made in the 1990’s by Danara, the Snoopy Juice Box Holder was a staple in the children’s aisle for many years. I have at least two packaging designs. There are at least four different colors: red, teal, yellow and blue. Some of them came with caps for the spout. Have I thoroughly collected all the variations like a dogged collector? No. It really doesn’t matter that much. It’s a juice box holder, not something rare and incredible. Even if this was the only one in existence, it still wouldn’t be worth $200 to me. Cute? Yes! Fascinating and amazing? No!

How much is a Snoopy Juice Box Holder worth?

I might pick up a loose one in excellent condition for a couple bucks. Anything that shows obvious signs of use I’d take a hard pass on. In the package, I might pay around $6-12. If you really want to use one for your kids, go for it! There’s plenty out there for fairly reasonable prices.

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