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Easter Snoopy Whitman’s Chocolate Box

Snoopy & Woodstock Peanuts Figurine w/ Easter EGG Chocolate Sampler Dated 1999 – $115. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Nostalgic for Whitman’s Chocolate of holidays past? Look no further than this preserved example of an Easter Snoopy Whitman’s Chocolate Box from 1999. You won’t find many still in this original packaging condition. Were collectors too carefree and didn’t care about preserving the integrity of the piece? No. We cared about delicious chocolate going to waste. We cared about not getting bug infestations. I’ve been there, it’s icky. Real icky.

As a collector, you accumulated these Whitman’s chocolates cardboard boxes like crazy. What to do with all the boxes! I think a lot of people may have thrown them away, keeping one example of each. The Snoopy figurines were what everyone really looked forward to! Collecting them all was easy enough if you got to the store early in the season. If not, they’re plentiful on the secondary market.

How much is a Easter Snoopy Whitman’s Chocolate Box worth?

If you really, really had to have this in your collection, I would suggest putting it in a plastic bag to be double sure no critters were going to get inside. How much to spend on spent chocolates and a Snoopy figurine? I would suggest no more than $10-15, if that I really don’t see the appeal of the level of preservation and I doubt most other Peanuts collectors will either. Plus, it was a waste of good chocolate.

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