Snoopy Picture Frame by Hallmark


Friends are Forever! I must say, if you really love this Snoopy Picture Frame by Hallmark, you can’t go wrong with this one. The frame looks to be in excellent condition and even has the original Hallmark tag on the back, though it is missing its price tag. It even has its original 1980’s generic photo still included. All these bright spots point to a darker truth. If they were such good friends, why isn’t this frame used? What happened to this friendship? Perhaps they wanted a Snoopy Picture Frame just for the kitty cat picture. So soft! I want to hold it!

While this may be the only one like this on eBay, I don’t give that a lot of significance. It’s like if you know you and your friend frequent a particular restaurant. Sometimes, you both happen to pick that same restaurant and bump into each other. If the next time you go and your friend isn’t there, it means nothing. Your friend isn’t there all the time! Your friend was there in the past, your friend will be there in the future, but just because your friend is not there now has no significance. Just like this frame being the only one on eBay at this time. More will likely come in future.

How much is a Snoopy Picture Frame by Hallmark worth?

Is your friendship worth $90? Mine isn’t! Not for this item at least. Friends, if you want to spend $90 on me, you can come up with something better than this Snoopy Picture Frame. It is lovely. More like $15-20 lovely. Throw in another $10 if you’re really feeling strong about this friendship we have. We’ll go out for a matinee and a really nice dinner for the extra $60. I’ll drive!

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