Snoopy Cookie Jar by McCoy

Old Snoopy Cookie Jar, Unknown Maker “USA” Mark, Possibly Rare circa pre1970’s? – $200. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Going on a diet? Not only will this Snoopy cookie jar help you say no to treats, it will also leave you with a lot less money to buy them. This unfortunate piece has seen much better days. Between the dirt and the missing paint, I wouldn’t pay more than a couple dollars for this Snoopy cookie jar. Poor Snoopy has has his black lines repainted with a much thicker brush. Originally, the 1973 Snoopy McCoy Cookie Jar would have had a completely red roof, thin black lines for Snoopy’s features and “Snoopy” painted above the door. Unfortunately, the condition of this particular cookie jar makes it more of a D.I.Y. repaint project, rather than a collectible piece. After seeing its current dirtiness, I’d hesitate before using it for unpackaged food. As I’ve said before, collectibles are all about pristine, original condition when you’re asking top dollar.

For a collectible version of this McCoy cookie jar, you’re in luck! The internet has made it easier to find than ever. At the writing of this post, all the listings for Snoopy Cookie Jars by McCoy are $90 and over, but there have been a few sales under $50. Pre-internet, this cookie jar was hard to find and was usually priced well over $100.

How much is a Snoopy Cookie Jar by McCoy worth?

When this cookie jar was the only Snoopy Doghouse cookie jar available, it was a highly prized piece to find. However, over time, the Snoopy Doghouse motif has been used extensively on cookie jars, flooding the market with less expensive alternatives. McCoy pottery and cookie jars both have their niche collectors, so this piece has value to multiple groups of collectors. The more people interested in a piece, the more value it can have on the secondary market. While the value has fallen over time for this item, I still consider it a wonderful piece to add to a Peanuts collection. It’s a very heavy and sturdy feeling cookie jar, unlike some of the cheaper ceramic cookie jars available lately.

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