Snoopy Black Velvet Painting


I love kitsch! Snoopy black velvet paintings are the height of Peanuts kitsch. While I love the look, I’ve never bought one for my collection. It’s something I enjoy from afar. Each painting is unique, though there are many persistent images that appear. Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of images for my Peanuts Black Velvet Gallery. This particular image I’ve collected three times. All four of these are by the same artist. While I can’t make the exact name, I think it may be Saul. Each signature has a different looking character at the end, so perhaps that character is a labeling system for the different iterations? We may never know.

While we don’t know anything about Saul, we do have his handiwork to examine. Saul obviously was a master of his craft, able to quickly reproduce multiple iterations of the same image with only small changes between them. He gives some depth to Snoopy as he speed through space in his Flying Ace helmet and scarf. Saul may have been creating black velvet paintings for the tourist trade in Mexico, churning out as many as could be sold. I would guess this was produced in 1969 or after, when the space craze would have been at its most potent. If anyone has further information, or the actual name of this artist, please email Caren at

How much is a Snoopy Black Velvet Painting worth?

What makes this Snoopy black velvet painting special enough to justify asking $850? It’s not the signature, as its most definitely not Charles Schulz and many black velvet paintings were signed by the artist. The Snoopy in space design is not unique, as this artist definitely produced a number of them. The painting also seems to have some age related condition issues. My research shows no sold Snoopy Black Velvet Paintings on eBay currently. While there are quite a few paintings available, no one is buying. Peanuts collectors tend to prefer licensed Peanut products which are easily available, rather than niche, out-of-fashion, unlicensed paintings. If I found this and fell in love, I could see paying around $20-30 for my own personal enjoyment. Perhaps someday black velvet paintings will be prized amongst collectors again, but I certainly won’t be speculating on it!

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