Snoopy Aviva Luggage Tag

Snoopy & Woodstock sitting ‘Bon Voyage’ Luggage Tag Aviva Vintage 1958, 1965 – $125. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Just imagine. You buy this $125 Snoopy Aviva Luggage Tag. Affix it to your luggage and head to the airport. When you get off the plane and start looking for your bag, just look for the bag with the broken luggage tag. While I love these vintage luggage tags, I highly doubt they can withstand the physical stress of baggage handlers and their machines. I had one as a child, and it survived weekend car trips for ten years just fine. Never took it on a plane though!

When looking at collectible Snoopy Aviva Luggage Tags, there are two categories. Super rare and super common. This one is super common. There is a design series I would describe as generic travel. Wide appeal, sell it anywhere! And they must have sold a lot of them, since they are so easy to find. I’ve found them in the package with the hang tag or on a card, but also just loose in a protective bag. If it’s on our collection luggage tag page, and there’s more than one, then it’s super common.

How much is a Snoopy Aviva Luggage Tag worth?

Common Snoopy Aviva Luggage Tags are worth around $3-6, depending on condition. If you’re a real stickler of a collector, maybe you’ll seek out interesting packaging styles for more money. For less common designs, I would pay around $8-15, depending on the design. The NFL sports team luggage tags might be worth just a little more, since finding them is very difficult.

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