Snoopy Kid’s Purse

Vtg. VERY RARE Peanuts Snoopy Woodstock Plaid Heart Bag Tan Small 1965 Handbag – $299. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

The memories this purse brings back! This Snoopy Kid’s Purse was one of the few Snoopy toys I had as a young child. That little rag doll Snoopy in the front pocket comes out. He attended many a tea party with my other stuff animals. This purse was made by Knickerbocker in the mid-1980’s. The small purse was very impractical for anyone but a child, since it would be easy to lose everything in it.

How much is a Snoopy Kid’s Purse worth?

If you’re asking $300 for a kid’s toy, could you at least take a decent photo! This purse looks alright, but who knows with the bad picture quality. The tag looks worn, which is a good sign it has seen a fair amount of use. Even with my overwhelming nostalgia, I’d probably only pay around $15-30 for it, depending on actual condition. Cute, very 1980’s, still not worth $300!

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