Snoopy Joe Cool Telephone with Woodstock

Vintage Large Snoopy Character Button Phone – Peanuts Collectible Charlie Brown – $74.95. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

I remember my Mom bringing me back this Snoopy Joe Cool telephone after a business trip in the 1990’s. It was my room phone for my teenage years. Luckily, cordless phones were on the scene and much more convenient when chatting for hours with my friends. It kept my phone in great condition, including the sunglasses on Snoopy and Woodstock. Unfortunately, this phone is missing that important feature for Snoopy and Woodstock’s cool fashion statement.

The big clue for the missing sunglasses is the remainder of the temples by their ears. Just a note that the hole in the back wall is for pens and nothing is missing there. Other than the missing glasses, this phone seems to be in pretty decent, yet used condition. It’s hard to tell if the grey base is discolored as there is a lot of variation in the photos. The Snoopy Joe Cool Telephone is still working, which may be important to people who still have a landline and want to use it.

How much is a Snoopy Joe Cool Telephone with Woodstock worth?

In mint condition, I could see paying their asking price, especially since shipping is free. With signature sunglasses missing, I would expect to pay around $10-20 for this Snoopy phone, maybe a little more if I really wanted a working phone.

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