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‘All This and Snoopy, Too’ Fawcett Crest Book

1962 Vintage “All this and Snoopy too” Written by Charles Schulz 1st edition – $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

First edition books are perceived as the pinnacle of book collecting. The first edition moniker raises the value of many books, sometimes to exorbitant levels. However, I’m not convinced this extends to Peanuts Fawcett Crest books. Peanuts fans have a place in their heart for Fawcett Crest books. For me, I associate them most my childhood, even though I had Peanuts books by other publishers. The cheap paperback format made it easy for dad to buy them when he was a kid, pass them down to me, and I continued to buy new Fawcett Crest Peanuts books when in my youth. Even with all that nostalgia, I still won’t pay $75 for a first edition.

When is a Peanuts Fawcett Crest first edition not a first edition? When it doesn’t say first edition. There is no evidence to support the first edition theory on the copyright page of this book. Further, the original price of this book is seventy-five cents. I have a confirmed first edition in my collection that is fifty cents. What’s going on? The seller is no expert, and I don’t expect him to be. However, he has jumped to the conclusion that this is a first edition. Fawcett Crests, being cheap paperbacks, were reprinted again and again. Eventually, I’m sure they got tired of the expense to update the copyright page. The more editions that were printed, the more likely the book would just be generic, updating just the price on the front cover and any other must-have info. When in doubt as to the age, check the price. The cheaper it is, the earlier the book.

How much is a ‘All This and Snoopy, Too’ Fawcett Crest Book worth?

Personally, I wouldn’t pay even seventy-five cents. The book is in terrible condition. Somebody loved this book and it shows. If it was a first-edition in this condition, I still wouldn’t pay more than a few dollars. Mint condition, I might pay over $5, but probably no more than $10. I love Fawcett Crests to cuddle up and read, not sit on a shelf in plastic bags.

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